Book #7 of 2014


The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
Published on February 28, 2013
Purchased Hardcover from Amazon

This is the second installment in the Mara Dyer series (the first being The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer). There WILL be SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.

So, we left Mara in the police station in the first book after she realized Jude Lowe (her ex-boyfriend, Claire’s brother, supposedly died in the asylum collapse, sexually assaulted Mara which caused her to force the building collapse) is alive. We find Mara now in the mental hospital; she’s been committed by her parents and no one believes what she’s saying.

This book really focuses on Mara’s struggles with her family; she is attempting to act as if everything is okay and she’s getting better. Meanwhile, Mara and Noah try to figure out what or who is causing the strange occurrences like a dead cat on the stoop or Mara’s creepy doll appearing in strange places. Mara knows it’s Jude and Noah believes her.

I loved the first book in this series so much so that I ordered the second the day I finished the first. The funny part about this is that I received the second book about a year ago and I just picked it up now. I can say that for the first couple of chapters I was a bit lost, thankfully it came back to me pretty quickly.


Unfortunately, I didn’t love this book quite as much as the first. This is a shame because usually the second book in a series answers a lot of questions for us. The problem I have with this book is that there are too many questions and instead of answering all of the ones from the first book, more are being created. I enjoyed every moment of the second book UNTIL the last ten chapters. What is happening? I feel as though this has become too complicated, Everything seems a bit too far-fetched now.

How is it that all of these kids have some weird and inexplicable power, they all end up together somehow, under the observation of some crazy doctor that KNOWS about all of this, who also knows that Jude is alive and allowing him to stalk Mara, who also has cameras all over Mara’s house, watching Jude watch her, who must know that Noah and Mara are together since she has videos and yet seems totally confused by this when he shows up on the island, AND the adults ALL leave the island that is filled with mentally ill children so they can…what? Fight it out? Oh and the guy, who is also the main love interest and who is most definitely not dead though that’s what they’d like us to believe, is dead….even though he can heal himself? Oh, AND there is some strange, voodoo relationship between Noah’s dead mother and Mara’s dead grandmother…because there is a pendant that they both randomly have…AND Mara is starting to have strange visions of a past life in India???

Alright, I love this story and I love these characters, but…seriously. What?

All I can say is the third book better find a way to tie up all of these loose ends that doesn’t make it sound as unbelievable as this book. Unfortunately, I’m not confident enough in that to hold my breath.



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