Book #2 of 2014




About a year ago I picked up the movie Something Borrowed based on the book of the same name by Emily Giffin. I decided that I wouldn’t watch the movie until I had read the book, because nine times out of ten, the book is better, right?

Well, not this time.

I love a little scandal in my books once in a while and I rarely pick up contemporaries, but I really wanted a bit of reality after spending so much time reading fantasy. The plot was interesting but that’s where the good stuff ends.

My number one problem is that, besides Ethan (the random friend that shows up on the phone once in a while) none of the characters were likeable (maybe Hillary but she wasn’t a major part until towards the end). The main two characters, Rachel and Dex, blah blah blah. What terrible people, I mean I was disgusted with them, Rachel especially. Giffin tries to make her the victim but she fails; Rachel is selfish and always throwing herself a pity party. She’s way worse than the best friend she’s screwing over. Darcy, the best friend, is supposed to come off as selfish, conceited, and superficial. But here’s the thing, it becomes obvious to me that the author is trying to make her sound terrible but I’ll bet if the author allowed some depth into her characters we would find Darcy to be a bit more human.

The second major problem is the ending. Besides being totally predictable, it was terrible. I won’t go into specifics, don’t want to be a spoiler, but just now that the author took the easy way out instead of taking the chance of making her characters a bit better.

To be honest, the movie was way better. I think that she should have written it the way the movie portrayed it. Ethan has a much bigger role, Rachel doesn’t come off as victimized, and Darcy becomes a likeable character with a lot more depth than she had in the books. How sad is it that a movie made the characters better?

So, while this book did disappoint, it says something that I managed to read it in two days. The plot is addicting and you while you cringe at some major errors, you can’t help but want to know when they’re going to get caught, how they’re going to get caught, will they get caught? By who? What will they do? What will Darcy do?

In my opinion, if you don’t have the time to read this book, check out the movie. You’re not missing anything.